Custom Software Development

One of our core competencies is developing software to work with geodata. We usually base our solutions on free software and free geodata. We strive to add to the pool of available free software and information through our work.

There is a large pool of software available from the OpenStreetMap project and from the GIS world. From geodata editor over databases to map renderers, everything is available. We'll help you find out which software is suitable for your project and we'll configure the software for your needs. If you have special requirements, we'll develop the needed software components on your behalf.

The Geofabrik team has many years of experience developing software on several platforms. We are involved in the development of core components of the OpenStreetMap project and thus the ideal address for your development needs in the OpenStreetMap area.

If you don't want to run the software yourself, we can also offer to host it on our own infrastructure and you can use it as a web service.