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The book

Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World.
By Frederik Ramm,
Jochen Topf,
and Steve Chilton.


Karlsruhe Hack Weekend 18-19 February 2017

FOSSGIS 2017 in Passau, 22-25 March 2017


We'll turn you into an OpenStreetMap professional

Do you want to dive into the details of OpenStreetMap and learn how to use OSM data in your own projects? We'll teach you how to use the OpenStreetMap software, depending on your needs we'll talk about data aquisition and editing and/or about data export and usage.

We can show GIS professionals how they can transfer OSM data into their world and how to use it with the usual Open Source GIS software like PostgreSQL/PostGIS and QGIS. Web developers can learn from us how to create their own interactive web maps with OpenLayers.

And of course we can tailor our training to your special requirements. We can offer onsite and offsite training in either German or English.