Indoor maps

Looking for a specific piece of equipment in a large building can be complicated. To assist technicans finding equipment to be repaired in train stations, a client asked Geofabrik to set up a server running its own instance of Overpass API and the indoor map viewer OpenLevelUp.

OpenLevelUp is an open source web application showing 2D indoor maps from OpenStreetMap data. It shows halls and corridors, shops and facilities inside buildings. The user can select the floor to be shown and easily switch floors. Since it's open source software, it is possible to set up it up in an internal network where users do not normally have access to the wider internet. OpenLevelUp retrieves its data from a locally installed Overpass API.

The Overpass API is a web service to search OpenStreetMap data, with it's own custom query language. It's possible to queries OpenStreetMap objects by tags, spatial criteria and relationships between objects. We installed the Overpass API on the client's machine to avoide overloading the public volunteer run services, and for privacy reasons.

Changes to the styling of the OpenLevelUp map (colours, symbols, fonts) was not requested but it would be been possible to adapt it corporate branding style.