Routeable Shape Files and GeoPackages

OpenStreetMap Data Optimized for Routing

Normal vector data exports from OpenStreetMap as GeoPackage, shape file or File Geodatabase are suitable for cartography and geospatial analysis only. Geofabrik optimises OpenStreetMap road network data to make it useable for graph processing (reachability analysis and routing) with programmes like Network Analyst or PGRouting.

In a separate preprocessing step, OpenStreetMap roads are split at at each junction, so that the resulting dataset contains only road segments. The preprocessing step is slightly different for automobile, bicycle, or pedestrian routing. We can even add estimated travel times for each segment to the shapefile.

OpenStreetMap uses an inconsistent tagging system. Some road classes are recorded using different, incompatible schemas because there are different opinions within the OpenStreetMap mapper community. Routeable vector data exports by Geofabrik contain one feature class per road class – no matter how many options there are to describe the road in OpenStreetMap. Geofabrik provides an easy to use, structured dataset and makes the diversity of OpenStreetMap accessible without requiring deep of OpenStreetMap.

Documentation and Test Dataset

File Formats

Routeable vector data exports are available in the following formats:

We are happy to offer exports in other formats as well.

Quotes and Ordering

Geofabrik vector data exports are not mass-produced by some self-service machine. We create them from current data according to your request, we do an error check, and of course we're there for you if you have questions or problems after delivery. You decide what you need:

Geofabrik will charge a previously agreed fixed price for these services based on the amount of work involved. Please request a quotation if you are interested! As a guidance, a one-off delivery of a vector data export will approximately cost:

AreaData Volume (approx.)Price Shapefile/GeoPackage
city, county, small state1 GBEUR 300
European country or group of countries5 GBEUR 500
whole continent30 GBEUR 750
whole world75 GBEUR 1,500

These rates are handling charges and not license fees – OpenStreetMap data is licensed under ODbL 1.0 which means that you can use it unrestricted, without having to pay a license fee.