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  1. Geofabrik Website and Blog
  2. Geofabrik Services
  3. Geofabrik OpenStreetMap Downloads
  4. Contacting Geofabrik
  5. Your Rights as a Data Subject
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Geofabrik Website and Blog

If you access our web site (, or our blog (, we will record the following access data and store it for 90 days:

In recording and processing this data, we are pursuing our legitimate interests as a data controller on the legal basis of Article 6 (1)(f) of the GDPR. We are using the data to detect problems with or misuse of our web pages, and to generate statistics about their use.

After 90 days the data about individual accesses is deleted, and only summaries (which page was accessed how often on which day) are kept for longer.

We don't use cookies and we don't knowingly embed third-party services that do either. However, our "Map Compare" site ( embeds map tiles from various third party providers (e.g. Google, Bing), and we have no control over the design of their map offerings. If you use the "Map Compare" service, these third-party providers could transmit cookies and/or log your access.

You do not have the right to request erasure of log files created in the pursuit of our legitimate interests, however if you should have reason to believe that your privacy is impacted in any way, please talk to us and we'll endavour to solve the problem above and beyond our legal duties.

Data recorded in this fashion will not be used for other purposes than those described here. In particular, the data will not be used for marketing purposes, and only passed on to third parties where there is a legal requirement to do so.

All servers operated by Geofabrik are located with major hosting providers in the European Union, and only accessible to authorized personnel.

Geofabrik Services

Geofabrik offers a couple of paid services based on OpenStreetMap data:

If you access these services, or if you access one of our customers' web sites that use these services, the statements above apply accordingly. In these cases, we use the web server log files within our legitimate interests for the following purposes:

Geofabrik OpenStreetMap Downloads

If you access data on our download server (, the statements above (under "Geofabrik Web Site and Blog") apply accordingly.

A portion of our download offer (from is only available for registered OpenStreetMap users. If you access data on this server, we additionally log the fact that the download happened with an OpenStreetMap authentication, but not the identity used. The OpenStreetMap login also creates a cookie in your browser that contains the following information:

Cookies are only saved in your browser, and not on our servers.

If you use the internal download service we have to redirect you to the OpenStreetMap web site for the OAuth process. The operator of (the OpenStreetMap Foundation) can therefore see from their log files that you are using Geofabrik's internal download service. You can read all about data collected and processed by the OpenStreetMap Foundation in their privacy policy. The registered address of the OpenStreetMap Foundation is: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0WS, United Kingdom.

If you contribute data to OpenStreetMap, this will not only add geodata, but also record your user account and a changeset id in OpenStreetMap. This information can potentially be used to deduce activities of an individual person. This information is not available publicly from the Geofabrik server. The internal server that is only accessible for authenticated OpenStreetMap users carries this information because it is necessary to pursue legitimate OpenStreetMap interests, especially quality assurance and the protection against vandalism. More about this data, and your rights to information and deletion, can be found in the OSMF privacy policy.

Making Contact

If you communicate with us by email, we will store any messages sent to us, including your name and email address, to comply with legal retention rules (from German law, § 257 HGB, § 147 par. 1 no. 2 and 3 AO).

We will only ever use this information to communicate with you in the matter at hand. Specifically, we will not use the data for marketing purposes, and pass it on to third parties only when required by law.

Your Rights as a Data Subject

As mandated by Article 13 GDPR, here is a list of your rights concerning our recording and processing of data:

Other Online Presences

In addition to our own web servers, we have accounts or profiles on a number of social media like Facebook, Twitter, or GitHub. If you use these platforms, you do so subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of the respective operators. We have no control over the processing of data collected in the course of such use of third-party platforms.