Power Networks as Shape Files and GeoPackages

Power Networks in OpenStreetMap

A simple data set of power lines and other infrastructure is already part of our standard vector data exports. However, OpenStreetMap often records a lot more details about these objects than we can include in the standard export.

Geofabrik can create a special "power export" from OpenStreetMap that contains almost all available details about power lines, masts, substations, power stations, and power generates. This data set can be produced world-wide, or for selected countries only.

Documentation and Test Dataset

Quotes and Ordering

Geofabrik vector data exports are created from current data according to your request. To make an offer, we'll need the following information:

Geofabrik will charge a previously agreed fixed price for these services based on the amount of work involved. Please request a quotation if you are interested! The money we charge is a handling fee that covers our work in exporting the data; the data itself is licensed under ODbL 1.0 which means that you can use it unrestricted, without having to pay a license fee.