The Diversity of Map Styles

OpenStreetMap is, contrary to its name, not a map but a database project. It provides a dataset of geometries described by properties and makes it possible to create almost any arbitrary cartographic presentation.

Geofabrik uses the possibilities of automatic rule-based cartography, i.e. a computer program converting the data into map images by applying styling rules. One and the same map appears completely different if it was rendered using a different map style. Curious members of the OpenStreetMap community who were eager to try out new things have developed lots of different map styles. We want to present you the colorful diversity of OpenStreetMap map styles.

We are happy to adapt existing map styles for your needs or develop new ones.

Some of these map styles are available on the Geofabrik tile servers, others require an XXL tileserver.

OSM Carto

OSM Carto is the map style used at the OpenStreetMap website. It shows lots of details and aims to provide feedback to OpenStreetMap contributors. Geofabrik offers this style with labeling in local language, German or English.

Select map style:

Geofabrik Topo

Geofabrik Topo is a map style for outdoor applications with overlays. Therefore, the colors are pale and few details are rendered only. The style has hillshade and contours.

Geofabrik Basic

Geofabrik Basic is a family of map styles with a similar choice of features compared to OSM Carto on low and medium scales. However, they do not show that much details on large scales, especially points of interest (shops etc.). The map styles are labelled in English and the local language.

Geofabrik Basic Color

Geofabrik Basic Pastel

Geofabrik Basic Greyscale

OSM Bright

OSM Bright is a pale open source map style by Mapbox. It is suited well for overlay maps.

OSM Bright + Public Transport

This map style is a variation of OSM Bright, extended by an overlay of public transport routes and stations. It uses the typical German colors and symbols.


Toner is an open source map style by Stamen Design using black, white and grey colors only. Geofabrik modified the map style a bit.

Railways/Public Transport

Railways and lines of public transport are the main topic of this map style. It is usefule for maps with a strong relation to railways and/or public transport.