Slippy Map

Slippy Maps and OpenLayers

A "slippy map" is an active JavaScript component embedded in a web site and showing a zoomable and draggable map. There are many ways to get a map like that on a web site. Geofabrik mainly uses the free OpenLayers library for this task. OpenLayers can display the OpenStreetMap typical pre-rendered map tiles, but also, for example, Google tiles or content delivered by a WMS server.

A slippy map can be enriched by various other components, for example:

Example: Karlsruhe

This map has the Karlsruhe area rendered in a Geofabrik example style.

The "+" button on the upper right can be used to compare this to the standard OpenStreetMap layers. – Pan the map by clicking and dragging with the mouse, zoom using the mouse wheel.