Use our experience

OpenStreetMap is a young and very dynamic project. The community is evolving, new software and services are introduced and lots of new data is collected. The Geofabrik staff are active members of the OpenStreetMap community. We work on the subject every day and are ideally suited to answer all your questions around OpenStreetMap.

If you think about using OSM data in your own project, there is always the question whether the data is spatially complete enough and whether it contains the data and attributes in the right quality for your project. Together with you, we will develop criteria for an assessment and do the analysis to ensure that OSM is a good match for your needs.

Geofabrik can advise you on any OpenStreetMap-related projects. We help you understand how OpenStreetMap and its community work, what to make of the license and what the implications for your project are. Together we can develop solutions on how your needs and the needs of the OSM community can fit together. This is especially interesting for companies new to the world of Open Source and Open Data and for those not used to working with a community.